Anthony Pye was a member of the Pye family and the student of Anne Shirley.


Early lifeEdit

School lifeEdit

When Anthony begins school, he is one of Anne's students during her first year as the Avonlea schoolmaster. Though forewarned that Anthony is unlikely to obey her like most members of the Pye family, Anne is convinced that she can win him over with kindness and patience. As time goes on, Anne laments to her family and friends that while all her students love her, Anthony is the sole unrelenting exception and remains sullen and insolent toward her. Anthony does not respect her, as he believes that "[she] weren't any good, just like all girl teachers."

On a day when Anne is suffering from a toothache and is especially ill-tempered, a bad day culminates in discovering a mouse planted in her desk by Anthony Pye. When he unabashedly admits that he is the culprit, Anne, in a fit of anger, finally uses the pointer to whip Anthony, whose bravado fails him and he finally winces and tears come to his eyes. Anne deeply regrets losing her temper with a student, especially after all her efforts to try and win Anthony over with kindness. However, when she meets Anthony again on the way to school, she is bewildered with how politely he addresses her and learns from Rachel Lynde that the punishment is what won Anthony's respect, as "he believes you are some good after all, even if you are a girl. Says that whipping you gave him was 'just as good as a man's."


Physical appearanceEdit

"He had a dark, sullen little face, and was staring at Anne with a hostile expression in his black eyes."
Anne of Avonlea, Chapter 5


Anthony is a male given name, English form of Old Roman name Antonius.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Maximilian Artajo provided the voice of Anthony in the German audio drama Anne in Avonlea (2008).
  • Ian Heath portrayed Anthony in the 1987 film Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel.
  • Ian Allis played him in two episodes of the 1975 TV series Anne of Avonlea
  • Russell Hewitt portrayed Anthony in the 1919 silent film Anne of Green Gables. He was the first actor to play the part.
  • Since 2005, these actors have portrayed Anthony in the Summerside and Charlottetown productions of Anne & Gilbert: Jesse Oliver Martyn (2005) and Noah Macdougal (2013).


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