There are many different "universes" of Anne of Green Gables. The first, referred to as the Books universe on this wiki, is the original universe as created by L. M. Montgomery and later expanded by Budge Wilson in Before Green Gables. This article is here to pick out the different universes from amongst the tangles of books and adaptations.

Books universeEdit

This is the original universe, and is the one all the other universes are based on. It consists of eight original novels, one prequel novel and four short story collections. It is the "hub" universe upon which all the others are based on.

Realart Pictures universeEdit

This was the second universe ever created. L. M. Montgomery did not care for this adaptation, because (among other things) she did not like the way Mary Miles Minter played Anne, calling her "too sugary-sweet" to be Anne. She also criticised the introduction of American elements into the film, such as skunks and an American flag.[1]

RKO Radio Pictures universeEdit

This was the third universe to be created. It differs wildly from the original universe, with Anne being fourteen years' old instead of eleven when she first came to Green Gables, and naming Green Gables upon arrival, among other things.

BBC universeEdit

Nippon Animation universeEdit

Sullivan Entertainment live-action universeEdit

Sullivan Entertainment animated universeEdit

Green Gables Fables universeEdit

Ana of California universeEdit

Project Green Gables universeEdit

Breakthrough Entertainment universeEdit

CBC universeEdit

  • Featured in: Anne (2017).

Notes and referencesEdit

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