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Don't know where to start, or a bit confused about how this website works? Don't worry, we're here to help. Here's a list of frequently asked questions, in no particular order.

If you have a question that wasn't answered here, ask it in the forums, or put it on an admin's message wall. If you don't want to sign up to do so, drop us an email at


Who is this site's webmaster?Edit

Er ... nobody. You see, this site differs from most in that it's not owned by a single person. Not even the admins own it; they simply have access to areas such as design and maintenance. You may have noticed that the URL is That is because it's a wiki hosted by Wikia. A wiki is a bit like Wikipedia – anyone can read, join and edit it.

Who are the admins?Edit

SusannahWithAnH and LilyLacreag.

Are there any age restrictions?Edit

Yes and no. It doesn't matter how old you are if you just want to read the wiki, but if you want to edit, you need a Wikia account, and to have a Wikia account, you need to be 13 or older. See our Age policy as well.

Someone told me I could get banned for 'bad behaviour'. Is this true?Edit

It is possible to get banned from this wiki, either temporarily or permanently, for several reasons:

  • Posting inappropriate content (pornography, personal details, illegal material, offensive language, etc.)
  • Having an account if we find out you're not yet 13 (exceptions can be made if you're past twelve and a half)
  • Harassing other users and/or refusing to follow policies even after being made aware of them

Only admins can ban users. As a rule, we don't ban people unless under serious circumstances, and (as of April 2016) no one has been banned yet. Please note that we will always warn you and tell you what you did wrong before banning you.

Who runs the wiki's social media accounts?Edit

  • Gmail: SusannahWithAnH
  • Facebook: SusannahWithAnH & LilyLacreag
  • Tumblr: SusannahWithAnH
  • Twitter: SusannahWithAnH & LilyLacreag

I'm from another Anne site and I want it to be affiliates with yours! How do I do that?Edit

See our Affiliates page. Instructions are at the top.


Can I edit without needing to log in?Edit

No. See this thread, as well as this blog post at Community Central. Many wikis allow anonymous editing, but it has been disabled here because this is a wiki that children will read.

How do I sign up?Edit

Special:UserSignup. If you already have a Wikia account, or you login with Facebook, you can login here. Wikia accounts can be used for all of Wikia, not just Anne of Green Gables Wiki. Other wikis include Harry Potter Wiki, Doctor Who Wiki, Divergent Wiki, The Hunger Games Wiki, Emily of New Moon Wiki, Downton Abbey Wiki and many more.

I want to help you guys out. Can you tell me what you want help with?Edit

Pretty much anything you see that needs more work and that you can help with would be good! See the to-do list at Special:Community if you don't know where to start.

How do I upload an image?Edit

Special:Upload. You can also upload multiple images at the same time by using the multiple upload tool.

I want to create an article, but I don't know how. Help please?Edit

Special:CreatePage. We also have a Layout guide for in-universe articles. A good trick is to find a similar article already made (for example, Green Gables if you're making an article about a location) and copy the layout.

What can I put in a blog post?Edit

See our Blog policy.

Can I add information from the movies/TV series/adaptations onto a character's biography?Edit

Yes, but make sure you add it to the right page. For example, Anne Shirley is for the books' portrayal of her, while Anne Shirley (Green Gables Fables) is for her GGF incarnation.

I was editing and I broke something and don't know how to fix it! Help!Edit

Don't worry! Admins are here very regularly and always check the recent contributions, so we'll notice if there's something that needs fixing.

I'm an actor/creator/writer/producer/etc. Can you please fix/update/remove something?Edit

Contact an admin or post in the comments of the relevant page.

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