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Did you know you can earn badges on this wiki? Every time you edit an article, add a comment, create a new page, add an image or categories or edit this wiki, your movements are logged and go towards earning badges for your user page. Every logged-in user (no anons) can earn badges. Badges are also used for projects.

There are four levels of badges: bronze badges are worth 10 points, silver badges are worth 50 points, gold badges are worth 100 points and platinum badges are worth 250 points.

Standard tracks

Edit track

Pictures track

Category track

Blog Post track

Blog Comment track

Wiki Love track

Special Achievements

Secret Achievements

Project tracks

Temporary projects

Anne of Windy Poplars Month track (available during August 2012)

100 Years of Anne of the Island track (available during July 2015)

Permanent projects

Characters track

Places track

Road to Avonlea track

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