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Anne of Green Gables Wiki is a website hosted by Wikia that is devoted to everything related to the Anne of Green Gables series by L. M. Montgomery.

The first thing you need to know about this website is that even though it is ostensibly a wiki, it hosts far more than just encyclopedic content. We also have a place for you to read some of the original books by L. M. Montgomery online, accompanied by study guides, as well as meet other members of the fanbase in our Fandom section. If you want to know more about editing, please visit our FAQ page.


There are three main areas on this website. The first is the Encyclopedia section, which hosts articles about everything Anne-related. The second is the Study section, which contains image galleries and texts of most of the Anne books and two companion novels, as well as some study notes to help you gain bigger insights into the books. The third and last section is the most informal one, and is the Community section. It caters to the Anne fanbase and includes forums, blogs and a chat system, as well as information on editing this wiki.

We also have a sister site: Annefiction Catalogue and Archive, a place for Anne of Green Gables fanfiction.




We do not cater to fan fiction or fan art on this wiki. Fan works may not be posted on your blog here or anywhere else on this website. You may promote your work in Kindred Spirits, in the Story Club board, but your fan fiction or fan art itself should be up on Annefiction or a similar site, not this one.

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