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This is a list of all the characters, places and things that appeared in Anne of Green Gables.


Main characters

Other characters

Andrews family

Barry family

Bell family

  • Robert Bell (mentioned only)
  • William Bell (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Bell (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Bell
  • Andrew Bell (mentioned only)
  • Mary Alice Bell (mentioned only)
  • Alice Bell (mentioned only)
  • Julia Bell (mentioned only)
  • Myrtha Bell (mentioned only)

Blythe family

  • John Blythe (mentioned only)
  • Old Blythe (mentioned only)
  • Gilbert's uncle in New Brunswick (mentioned only)

Boulter family

  • Tillie Boulter (mentioned only)
  • Sam Boulter (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Boulter (mentioned only)

Cuthbert family

  • Mr. Cuthbert (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Cuthbert (mentioned only)
  • Marilla's aunt (mentioned only)
  • Marilla's uncle (mentioned only)

Gillis family

  • Ruby Gillis
  • Mr. Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Arty Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Susan Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Sarah Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Emily Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Jenny Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Charlotte Gillis (mentioned only)
  • Charlotte's beau (mentioned only)

Glover family

  • Jimmy Glover (mentioned only)

Hammond family

Lynde family

  • Thomas Lynde
  • Thomas and Rachel's ten children (mentioned only)

MacPherson family

  • Moody Spurgeon MacPherson
  • Ella May MacPherson (mentioned only)
  • Clara Louisa MacPherson (mentioned only)
  • Minnie MacPherson (mentioned only)

Pye family

Ross family

  • Chester Ross (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Ross (mentioned only)

Shirley family

Sloane family

  • Charlie Sloane
  • Mrs. Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Sloane, Sr. (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Sloane, Sr. (mentioned only)
  • Carrie Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Miranda Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Sophia Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Sam Sloane (mentioned only)
  • Tommy Sloane (mentioned only)

Spencer family

  • Mrs. Spencer
  • Alexander Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Sarah's cousin in Hopetown (mentioned only)
  • Laura Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Nancy Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Flora Jane Spencer
  • Richard Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Lily Jones (mentioned only)

Thomas family

  • Joanna Thomas (mentioned only)
  • Bert Thomas (mentioned only)
  • 4 Thomas children (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Thomas' mother (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Thomas' father (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Thomas' uncle (mentioned only)

White family

  • Emma White (mentioned only)

Wilson family

  • Mamie Wilson (mentioned only)
  • Miss Wilson (mentioned only)

Wright family

  • Eben Wright (mentioned only)
  • Ned Wright (mentioned only)
  • Rob Wright (mentioned only)
  • Bessie Wright (mentioned only)
  • Lizzie Wright (mentioned only)
  • Miss Wright (mentioned only)

Carmody residents

  • William J. Blair (mentioned only)
  • Peter Morrison (mentioned only)
  • Samuel Lawson (mentioned only)
  • Lucilla Harris (mentioned only)
  • John Sadler (mentioned only)
  • Winnie Adella Blair (mentioned only)

Newbridge residents

  • Milton Clark (mentioned only)

White Sands residents

  • Mrs. Blewett
  • Mr. Kirk (mentioned only)
  • Bertha Sampson (mentioned only)
  • Pearl Clay (mentioned only)
  • Laurette Bradley (mentioned only)


Queen's Academy students

  • Stella Maynard
  • Priscilla Grant
  • Etele Marr (mentioned only)
  • Emily Clay (mentioned only)
  • Leuris Wilson (mentioned only)
  • Frank Stockley (mentioned only)

Teachers and professors

  • Teddy Phillips
  • Muriel Stacy
  • Miss Rogerson (mentioned only)
  • French professor (mentioned only)
  • English professor (mentioned only)
  • Prof. Tremaine (mentioned only)


  • Violetta (mentioned only)
  • Katie Maurice (mentioned only)
  • Cordelia Montmorecy (mentioned only)
  • Geraldine Seymour (mentioned only)
  • Bertram de Vere (mentioned only)


  • Stationmaster
  • Jerry Buote
  • Martin (mentioned only)
  • Hepzibah Jenkins (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Lynde's classmate (mentioned only)
  • Unnamed minister (mentioned only)
  • Old Mary Joe (mentioned only)
  • Mary Joe
  • Dr. Blair (mentioned only)
  • Dr. Spencer (mentioned only)
  • Spencervale doctor
  • Eye doctor
  • Mr. Abbey (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Abbey's nephews (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Avery (mentioned only)
  • Mrs. Evans
  • Mrs. Selitsky (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Silas (mentioned only)
  • American painter (mentioned only)
  • Old German Jew (mentioned only)
  • Canadian Premier (mentioned only)
  • Frank Stockley's uncle (mentioned only)
  • Mr. Phillips' uncle (mentioned only)



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