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Anne of Avonlea
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Joan Craft


John McRae


Based on


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Original run

26 January - 2 March 1975

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Episode length

45 mins



Preceded by

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Avonlea is a six part mini-series created by the BBC in 1975. It was directed by Joan Craft and is based on Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery.


Episode 1 (January 26, 1975)

Anne met Mr. Harrison who came to Green Gables because of Jersey cow was in his field. Meeting of Avonlea Village Improvement Society. Anne and Diana saw Dolly in Mr. Harrison's field. They ran after the cow and sold her. Anne found her mistake and went over to apologize to Mr. Harrison and befriended him. Marilla adopted Davy and Dora Keith. Anne began her first day as a teacher in Avonlea. Pupils threw firecrackers into the stove, causing an explosion.

Episode 2 (February 2, 1975)

Anne whipped Anthony Pye. Along with Gilbert she visited Uncle Abe who foretold a big storm. The A.V.I.S. members canvassed the countryside to fundraise. Anne and Diana visited Judson Parker to convince him not to rent his fences for advertisements. A big storm came, Anne stayed in Mr. Harrison's house. Anne became good friend with Paul. Dora got lost.

Episode 3 (February 9, 1975)

Anne found Dora locked in Mr. Harrison's barn. Anne and Diana prepared to entertain Charlotte E. Morgan, but she didn't come. Davy broke platter from Aunt Josephine. Anne took Davy and Dora for a picnic. She overheard conversation between Judson Parker and his friend. Mrs. Harrison arrived to Avonlea. Anne and Diana visited Echo Lodge. Anne decided to spend a day doing housework.

Episode 4 (February 16, 1975)

Charlotte E. Morgan came to Green Gables when Anne was doing housework. Diana discovered that Anne dyed her nose red and helped her with preparing a tea party. Anne wanted to buy a willow-ware platter to replace the broken one. She fell into the lean-to roof and Charlie Sloane rescued her. Anne learned about Diana's engagement with Fred Wright. Thomas Lynde died. Stephen Irving returned to Avonlea and Anne helped helps him reunite with Miss Lavendar. Rachel came to live at Green Gables.

Episode 5 (February 23, 1975)

Anne went to Kingsport, met Jane Andrews and they went to their boarding house. Girls met Philippa Gordon at graveyard. Next term they found Patty's Place. Anne learned that Ruby was dying. Aunt Jimsie came to keep Patty's Place. Phil met Jonas and Charlie proposed to Anne. Marilla visited Ruby at her deathbed. Anne met Roy Gardner.

Episode 6 (March 2, 1975)

Phil courted with Jonas and Anne with Roy. Jane failed and went to the west. Anne's story was accepted. Roy's mother visited Anne at Green Gables. Diana and Fred got married. Gilbert took Anne to Bolingbroke to see her birthplace. After graduation, Roy proposed to Anne. She refused and returned to Avonlea. Davy told Anne that Gilbert was dying of typhoid. She went to his house in the night and told him that she loves him.


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