"I read in a book once that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but I've never been able to believe it. I don't believe a rose would be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk-cabbage."
This article is about the daughter of Fred and Diana Wright. You may be looking for Walter and Bertha Shirley's daughter, Anne Shirley; Gilbert and Anne Blythe's daughter, Nan Blythe; Jem and Faith Blythe's daughter, Anne Blythe; Cornelia Bryant's mother, Anne Bryant; or Janet Sweet's sister, Anne Sweet.

Anne Cordelia Wright was the daughter of Diana and Fred Wright, the younger sister of Fred Jr. and the older sister of Jack Wright.



Anne Cordelia was born to Diana and Fred Wright in December 1888, most likely in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. Her mother decided to name the little girl after her best friend, Anne Shirley. The second name, Cordelia, referred to the name Anne always wanted to be called.

"Avonlea folks knew why Diana had called her Anne, of course, but Avonlea folks were puzzled by the Cordelia. There had never been a Cordelia in the Wright or Barry connections. Mrs. Harmon Andrews said she supposed Diana had found the name in some trashy novel, and wondered that Fred hadn't more sense than to allow it. But Diana and Anne smiled at each other. They knew how Small Anne Cordelia had come by her name."
Anne's House of Dreams (Chapter 1: In the Garret of Green Gables)[src]

Anne and Gilbert Blythe first met Small Anne Cordelia when they visited the Barry residence during their return to Avonlea for Christmas holidays.


Anne Cordelia also attended the wedding of Anne and Gilbert in September 1890.

A few years later the Wright family moved to Lone Willow Farm, probably in the late 1890s.

In spring 1899 when Anne came for a visit, she loved exploring and prowling about the woods. Little Anne Cordelia talked to spirits of flowers and was careful about her dolls' tea-set from Anne to her ninth birthday in 1897. She used it only when Three Green People (fairies and imaginary friends) came to her for tea.

"I declare in some ways, Anne, she's far more like you than she is like me."
Diana Barry about her daughter.


Physical appearanceEdit

Anne Cordelia had black hair.



Anne Cordelia's namesake and her mother's best friend, Anne Shirley.

"If I ever do marry and have a little girl of my own I'm going to name her Anne."
Diana Barry to Anne Shirley.

Anne is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means God has favoured me. Cordelia is a female name of Latin origin and means heart.

  • Small Anne Cordelia was named after Anne Shirley, her mother's childhood bosom friend. Her second name, Cordelia, was the name Anne wanted to be called, because, as she said, Anne is such an unromantic name.
  • Anne Cordelia was the first person named after Anne Shirley. The second one was Anne's daughter Nan Blythe and the third one was her granddaughter Anne Blythe.

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  • In the books, Anne Cordelia had dark hair. In the 2000 film, she was fair and looked more like her aunt, Minnie May Barry.


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