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This article is about Cornelia Bryant's mother. You may be looking for Walter and Bertha Shirley's daughter, Anne Shirley; Gilbert and Anne's daughter, Nan Blythe; Jem and Faith Blythe's daughter, Anne Blythe; Fred and Diana Wright's daughter, Anne Cordelia Wright or Janet Sweet's sister Anne Sweet.

Anne Bryant was the mother of Cornelia Bryant and Cornelia's brother and the wife of Mr. Bryant.


Early lifeEdit

Anne was most likely born in Four Winds, Prince Edward Island in the 1820s. She was probably raised there and attended school at the age of six.


Sometime in the 1840s, Anne probably met and later married Mr. Bryant. A few years after their wedding, she gave birth to a daughter, Cornelia.

For eight years, Cornelia was an only child and asked for a brother. Anne told her to pray for one and she prayed much. One day in 1856, Cornelia's Aunt Nellie came up to her and said she'd have a brother.

"Cornelia, there is a little brother for you upstairs in your ma's room. You can go up and see him."
—Aunt Nellie to Cornelia.[src]

Cornelia was so excited and went up to Anne's room. Old Mrs. Flagg lifted up the baby for her to see. However, Cornelia was disappointed because she'd been praying for a brother two years older than herself. Cornelia was so disappointed that she wasn't able to look at her brother for weeks. Eventually, however, they reconciled and they were a happy family again.


Before Cornelia's brother was even three years old, Anne died of unknown causes, probably in 1858. After her mother's death, Cornelia acted as a mother and sister to him both.


Physical appearanceEdit


Anne is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means God has favoured me.


Book appearances

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