Anne: Journey to Green Gables is a 2005 animated film produced by Sullivan Entertainment, and created by Kevin Sullivan. It is loosely based on Anne of Green Gables, a 1908 novel by L.M. Montgomery.


Imaginative Anne Shirley is sent to Grout Orphanage owned by sinister Madame Poubelle; where Anne’s wild imagination and storytelling antics land her in big trouble. Luckily she escapes to the pastoral world of Green Gables, where she is adopted by elderly couple Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. Finding friends and acceptance for once in her life, all of Anne’s dreams come true. However the evil Poubelle is determined to have Anne back in her clutches. A vanishing heirloom, blundered disguises and a hot air balloon ride provide a climax to a charming new version of this traditional classic.[1]


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Additional Animation: Hanho Heung-up Co., Korea
Animation Supervisor: Wayne Lee Pack
Animators: Mark Ackland, Ian Blum, Brian Couglan, Trevor Dean-Freeman, Blair Kitchen, Rochelle Kitchen, Kevin Micallef, Eileen Middleton
Assistant Animators: Jim Bridle, Joel de la Cruz, Brad Hughes, Chris Palimaka
Assistant Director: Wayne Lee Pack
Assistant HD Fire Editor: Pietro Gallo
Assistant Layout Supervisor: Barry Oehm
Assistant Sound Editor: Sheila Murray
Assistants to the Producers: Remi Fernhout, Len Remedios
Associate Producer: Cherri Hurst
Background Co-ordinator: Warren Shepherd
Background Key Painters: Alexander Ahilov, Steve Murray, Ben Shannon, Lin Qju
Background Painters: Meagan Bennell, Goran Bukvic, Angela Cabral, Piper Courchesne, Dejan Dimitrijevic, Laura Dundas, Alexsander Ivanisevic, Grigor Kuzmanov, Daniella Lazarova, Oleg Lipchenko, Kamen Nikolov, Colin Nordell, Lin Qju, Svetlana Ristic, Dragan Samardzija, Sladjana Samardzija, Alice Sinkner, Bojana Videkanic, Bojan Zoric
Background Supervisor: Vlad Ignatovic
Character Designers: Mark Ackland, Eugene McDermott
Clean-up Artists: Kyung Hee Boker, Blayne Burnside, Yeon-Tae Choi, Michael Demur, Regnerito Frondozo, Aputik Gardiner, Yasser Haider, Lisa Harlton, Mike Helmer, Myunghee Heo, John Hinshelwood, Martin Hopkins, Sandy Kellerman, Roland L'ecuyer, Brad Lucas, Paul Mota, Michael Milligan, Tom Nagy, Vicki Pul, Pamela Rose, Jan Rosicki, Mahrash Tehrani, Ian Williams, Seung-Gwan Yang
Colour Styling: Vlad Ignatovic, Brenda Wood
Colourist: Kenn Elliott
Composers and Conductors: Peter Breiner, Don Gillis
Compositors: Brian Cooper, Rob Fiumano, Brian Harriman, Catherine Leuverink, Ian Marrs, Carin McInroy, Glen McLeod, Steven Sanderson, Ryan Smith, Angela To, Thomas Vogt
Design Clean-up: Diana Berson
Design Co-ordinators: Cindy Kong, Natalie Turner, Brenda Wood
Design Supervisors: Satjit Matharu, Dave Quesnelle
Dialog Editor: Scott McCrorie
Digital Effects Design: Seamus O'Keeffe
Digital Film Operators: Kevin Chandoo, Patrick Kerrigan
Digital Paint and Compositing Co-ordinator: Brenda Wood
Digital Paint and Compositing Supervisor: Seamus O'Keeffe
Digital Painters: Tara Campbell, Elisa Dalmacio, Amedeo de Palma, Derek Geldart, Laleh Ladjevardi, Tania Nikolova, Karen O'Keeffe, Editha Payumo, Nora San Jose, Tomoko Sasaki, Anthony Valentyne, David Volf
Director: Kevin Sullivan
Director of Information Systems: Greg Battle
Editor: Mhairi Kerr
Effects Design: Pang FX
Effects Editors: Doug Hubert, Hamish MacKenzie
Executive Producers: Trudy Grant, Kevin Sullivan, Andy Sykes
Foley Artist: Sid Lieberman
Foley Artist Assistant: John MacDonald
Foley Editor: Richard Segal
Foley Recordist: John Dykstra
HD Editors: Fernando Guerreiro, Will Hearn
HD Fire Editor: Brian Reid
Junior Character Designers: Robin Boyko, Kevin Price
Layout Artists: Alexander Ahilov, Robert Barton, Suzanne Dargie-Lynes, Jenny Haskins, Chris Hayes, Sean V. Jeffrey, Kevin Klis, Kent Madden, Eugene McDermott, Kevin McDonald, Glen McLeod, Dolores Moreira, Colin Nordell, Terry Rotsaert, Ramon Storr, John Stuart, Ron Wilson
Layout Assistant: Elisa Dalmacio
Layout Supervisor: Terry Lenko
Lead Mixer: Mike Baskerville
Leica Editors: Jason Irvine, Shawn Kalb, Mhairi Kerr
Lip Assignment: Cathy Parks
Location Designers: Mark Komza, Marcin Lichowski
Music Editors: Stephen Hudecki, Ben Wilkinson
Network Administrator: Mike Haas
Overseas Supervisor: Denis Deegan
Posing Artists: Mark Ackland, Stephen Baker, Chris Cann, Trevor Dean-Freeman, Joe Glampapa, Blair Kitchen, Rochelle Kitchen, Kevin Micallef, Kevin Price, Troy Quane, Phillip Williams
Posing Co-ordinator: Mark Bathe
Posing Supervisor: Scott Glynn
Post Production Supervisor: Ben Wilkinson
Producer: Christine Davis
Production Accountant: Loretta Van Hart
Production Assistants: Brad Adams, Cindy Kong, Dan Matthews, Catherine Roebuck
Production Executive: Elizabeth Young
Production Manager: Brent Ackland
Props Designers: Iain Gordon, Roja Huchez, Shawn Pascuttini
Recording Assistants: Remi Fernhout, Stephen Stephanic
Recording Engineers: Andre French, Bill Hermans, John Naslen
Second Mixer: Jamie Sulek
Sheets Direction: Steve Fitch
Sound Editing Services: Super Sonics Inc., Christopher G. Harris, Scott McCrorie
Sound Recording Studio: Manta Sound
Storyboard Artists: John Flagg, Dan Nosella
Storyboard Revision Artists: Jason James, Mike Tweedle
Supervising Key Painter: Vlad Ignatovic
VFX Manager: Mike Ellis
VFX Producer: Fiona Campbell Westgate
VFX Project Manager: Chad Malbon
Voice and Casting Director: Jessie Thomson
Writers: Michael MacLennan, Kevin Sullivan

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Journey to Green Gables Trailer00:50

Journey to Green Gables Trailer

Behind the scenes

Journey to Green Gables BTS10:19

Journey to Green Gables BTS

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