The Andrews family was a family that mostly lived in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, in the 19th century.

About the familyEdit


Members by birth

Members by marriage

Related familiesEdit

  • Baxter family
  • Blewett family
  • Inglis family
  • Keith family (possibly)
  • Phillips family (possibly)

Family treeEdit

Andrews family
Blewett family
Harmon Andrews
(b. 1840s)
Mrs. Andrews
(b. 1840s)
Isabella Andrews
Keith family
Nettie Blewett
(b. 1860s)
Billy Andrews
(b. 1860s)
Jane Andrews
(b. 1865)
Mr. Inglis
Gracie Andrews
(b. 1870s)
Ralph Andrews
(b. 1870s)
Dora Keith
(b. 1875)

  • Dora and Ralph possibly got married and had children together.


Behind the scenesEdit


Book appearances

Short story appearances

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