Alonzo was a friend of Philippa Gordon and a resident of Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia.


A friend of Philippa in Bolingbroke, Alonzo became one of Phil's many suitors interested in marrying her. After considering her own personal extravagance, Phil decided it was necessary that she would have to marry a rich man and narrowed her choices down to Alonzo and Alec, the only two beaux she deemed wealthy and handsome enough to satisfy her conditions for a husband. However, during her studies at Redmond College, Phil met Jonas Blake and married him instead.

In 1890 he wasn't married.


Physical appearanceEdit

"...he has a classic nose, and it WOULD be a comfort to have a nose in the family that could be depended on."
—Philippa Gordon[src]


"Think of marrying a name like Alonzo! don't believe I could endure it."
—Philippa Gordon[src]

Alonzo is a male given name of Spanish and Italian origin and means noble and ready.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Since 2005, these actors have portrayed Alonzo in Anne & Gilbert: Nick Whelan (2005) and Andrew German (2015).


Book apprarances

Stage appearances

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