Alec was a friend of Philippa Gordon and a resident of Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia.


One of Philippa's many beaux from Bolingbroke, Alec was interested in marrying her. Because Phil knew herself to be rather extravagant, she deemed it necessary to find a husband who was both handsome and wealthy. As a result, she had narrowed her choices down to Alec and Alonzo, who both appeared to satisfy the conditions she had set. However, Phil wound up marrying Jonas Blake, whom she met during her time studying at Redmond College.

Later lifeEdit

Sometime after Phil's graduation from Redmond College and before Anne Shirley's wedding to Gilbert Blythe, Alec married an unnamed wife, probably between 1887 and 1890. It is unknown if he had any children.


"He's rather too perfect - I don't believe I'd like a perfect husband - somebody I could never find fault with."
Philippa Gordon[src]

Physical appearanceEdit

"Alec is the best looking, of course, and I simply couldn't marry a man who wasn't handsome. He is good-tempered too, and has lovely, curly, black hair."
—Philippa Gordon[src]


Alec is a male given name of English and Scottish origin, variant of Greek name Alexander which means man's defender or warrior.

Behind the scenesEdit


  • Since 2005, these actors have portrayed Alec in Anne & Gilbert: Jesse Oliver Martyn (2005), Noah Macdougal (2013) and Mike St. Amant (2015).


Book apprarances

Stage appearances

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