Captain Abraham Pringle was the member of the Pringle family, the brother of Myrom and the father of Ellen and Sarah Pringle.


Early lifeEdit

Abraham was probably born in the 1780s to Mr. and Mrs. Pringle. He was raised along with his brother Myrom. Eventually, they both became captains and sailed all around a world.


Abraham sailed with Andy Bryce on his famous ship Go and Ask Her, the ship with crimson hull and snow-white sails, for a years. Then he settled down in Summerside, got married and had two daughters, Ellen and Sarah.


Abraham died in old age. After his death, Summerside residents named one street after him. He was buried at Summerside graveyard and his monument dominated the whole graveyard and cost nine hundred dollars.

"Four receding platforms of stone formed a square pedestal on which rose a huge pillar of marble topped with a ridiculous draped urn beneath which a fat cherub was blowing a horn."
Anne of Windy Poplars, Chapter 5, First Year[src]

After his death, Sarah and Ellen were still proud of him. His portrait hung in the parlour beside the Pringle sword.


"Well, their old father, Captain Abraham Pringle, was a fine old fellow."
Anne Shirley[src]


Abraham is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means father of a multitude.

  • His name may refer to fact that he was unofficial head of large Pringle family.


Book appearances

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